Have a NYS speeding traffic ticket or traffic violation? An experienced New York lawyer is what you need.

From NYC speeding traffic tickets and New York traffic violations, to DUI/DWI; from Commercial Driverís Licenses (CDLs) and NYC Speeding Tickets to Suspended or Revoked Licenses, our legal team has experience and knowledge of the courts to help you. For normal traffic violations, we can also appear on your behalf, eliminating your need to appear in court. You can go to work, while we go to work for you fighting your traffic ticket, fine, penalty or other traffic violation.

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The Law Offices of Casey W. Raskob offer over 20 years experience fighting New York speeding tickets as experienced laywers on the New York State Thruway, I-84, I-684, I-95, Route 17, the Taconic State Parkway, the Bronx River Parkway, the Hutchinson River Parkway, the Saw Mill Parkway, and everywhere in between in the State of New York.

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Military Personnel:
Even though you are deployed in the service of our country, local tickets must still be answered. We have assisted military personnel from all over the Country. We understand that a Security Clearance will take into account traffic violations, and work hard to reduce or dismiss violations written to military personnel.

Do you have a New York speeding ticket? Speeding fine? Have questions? We can help.

We fight speeding tickets in the Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island and Upstate NY including the towns of Bedford, Southeast, Yorktown and Liberty.

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