Speeding Ticket FAQs

Read our speeding ticket FAQs to help answer your New York State Speeding Ticket questions. Don’t see- your question here? Give our attorney a call at 914-271-5383 or send an email to info@speedlaw.net.

1) Does explaining what I think occurred carry any leverage in getting a charge dismissed?

Most of the time, arguing your side of the story won’t successfully get a charge dismissed. Arguments should be based on legal principles, which can significantly help your chances of getting a case dismissed.

2) In NY, can I be charged even if there is no speed limit sign posted?

Yes you can. If no speed limit is posted, you’re not supposed to exceed 55 mph. But, different cities in New York have different policies for this situation.

3) What if my ticket doesn’t carry any points? I can just pay my ticket, right?

Wrong. Certain traffic tickets such as a cell phone ticket will still cause insurance premiums to increase. This is why consulting a legal professional is the most advisable decision you can make when getting a speeding ticket.

4) If I get a speeding ticket while driving my personal vehicle, will that affect my CDL?

Yes it will. Since truck drivers are held to a high standard, CDL holders can face still penalties.

5) Do I have to appear in court if I have a lawyer?

In most cases, the motorist does not have to appear if they have retained an attorney.

6) What if I accidentally miss my court date, can I still fight my ticket?

Often times it’s still possible to fight a speeding ticket even if the summons was unanswered.

7) If my license is suspended for getting too many points, is there anything I can do?

Yes, there is. Most of the time, I’m able to negotiate with the DMV or MVC to get a reduction in the length of your suspension or completely reinstate your driving privileges.


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