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NY speeding ticket

Protect one of your most valuable assets: your license to drive. Learn more about the NY speeding ticket process below.

New York’s point system for speed violations is tough…a simple 76 mph ticket on an open 55 mph highway can give you half the points allowed on your driver’s license. In New York City, 71 in a 50 is all you need for the same penalty. There is a way to fight back on NY speeding ticket charges to save your license and save on insurance surcharges… without going to Court.

Call 1-914-271-5383 or email info@speedlaw.net to speak to a New York traffic ticket lawyer for answers about traffic violations and the point system if you receive a NY speeding ticket. We’ve been practicing in New York State courts for over 20 years, fighting speeding tickets issued on the major highways from the New York State Thruway to the Hutchinson River Parkway.

If you receive a NY speeding ticket, do not plead guilty! Pleading guilty or a bad plea bargain can affect your car insurance and your driving record for years to come. Call our experienced New York speeding ticket attorney right away, he knows the law, the local courts and ways to minimize the negative consequences of whatever charges you are facing.

If you received a speeding ticket on the NYS Thruway or in New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, Greene or Albany Counties or elsewhere in New York State, and you are facing a court date far away from home or work, attorney Casey W. Raskob will appear in court for you.

Do You Have a New York Speeding Ticket? Speeding Fine? Have Questions? We Can Help.

We fight speeding tickets in the Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island and Upstate NY including the towns of Bedford, Southeast, Yorktown and Liberty. Contact us today and we can help you beat that speeding ticket, speeding fine or any other traffic violation. All callers will be immediately connected to an attorney. Call 1-914-271-5383 Email us at info@speedlaw.net

Client Reviews

Tickets happen .. especially in upstate NY. Casey and team take ownership and deliver a reduced point or no point outcome every time ! Highly recommend.

George Wolf

Casey was efficient yet he took time to understand my concerns about a traffic ticket I wanted to fight. I had never worked with Casey before and did not expect him to always be one step ahead - but he was...


I retained Mr. Raskob for a 75/55 speeding ticket. He was able to reduce it to a 0 point parking ticket. That was, by far, the best deal a traffic lawyer ever got for me!


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