Speeding Fines

It’s a $500.00 Day When The Lights Go On

The New York Traffic Summons form is unique, as the only one in the nation which does not state a set traffic fine amount for you if you plead “guilty” by mail. New York speeding ticket fines are set by the individual Judges in each Town Justice Court, Village Court or City Court and vary from one place to the next, sometimes even from one Judge to the next.

New York is not shy when fining traffic violators. In addition to a fine, there is a surcharge, and when Driver Responsibility assessments are added in, a simple “nothing” ticket can easily be an $800.00 day. This is why you don’t plead guilty to any NY Speeding Ticket without consultation.

In a 55 or 65 Zone:

Up to 10 overup to $150.00
11-30 overup to $300.00
31 +up to $600.00
Second offenses add$150.00

Plus a mandatory $93.00 State Surcharge, per ticket. The surcharge used to be a small amount, but has grown over the years as the State of New York finds Ticket Surcharges to be an easy source of revenue, a ticket tax.

So, a typical motorist gets a NY Traffic Ticket for 77/55, for six points. The Driver Responsibility Assessment is $300.00, the speeding ticket fine and surcharge can total $385.00, for a grand total of $685.00.

A bit higher, 86/55, will assess eight points for a $450.00 Driver Responsibility Assessment, and have a potential speeding ticket fine of $693.00, so in a worst case this will be over $1,000.00.

Hiring Counsel makes good financial sense when saved NY speeding ticket fines and Driver Responsibility Assessments are factored in, even before considering increased New York insurance surcharges. Don’t let disgust or denial stop you – call our office for a free consultation now. We know your Court and what to expect.

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Client Reviews

Tickets happen .. especially in upstate NY. Casey and team take ownership and deliver a reduced point or no point outcome every time ! Highly recommend.

George Wolf

Casey was efficient yet he took time to understand my concerns about a traffic ticket I wanted to fight. I had never worked with Casey before and did not expect him to always be one step ahead - but he was...


I retained Mr. Raskob for a 75/55 speeding ticket. He was able to reduce it to a 0 point parking ticket. That was, by far, the best deal a traffic lawyer ever got for me!


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