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Palisades Interstate Parkway From New Jersey to Harriman State Park

A heavily commuted piece of road, the Palisades Interstate Parkway is yet another charming “low bridge” road built in the 1930s, when cars had top speeds of 50 miles per hour. Bridges are low and trucks are not allowed. New York State Police Troop F patrols this road, with New York State Park Police (white with green cars) closer to Harriman State Park. This road gets a lot of enthusiast car and motorcycle traffic on any sunny weekend…and the enforcers are waiting for you ! Palisades Interstate Parkway tickets are a very common thing in our office. We often hear on the scanner multiple Troop cars working together to round up a pack of cycles, or slow speeders. Few summonses written in the winter, but in the summer, its one of the largest sources of tickets in our practice.

A New Jersey State Line

(get cheap gas at the state line rest stop)
camera Orangetown Justice Court

(covers a large area)
Clarkstown Justice Court
Pomona Justice Court
Wesley Hills Justice Court

(a very small Village in the upper corner of Rockland)
Haverstraw Justice Court
camera Stony Point Justice Court
Harriman State Park
B Highland Falls Justice Court

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Tickets happen .. especially in upstate NY. Casey and team take ownership and deliver a reduced point or no point outcome every time ! Highly recommend.

George Wolf

Casey was efficient yet he took time to understand my concerns about a traffic ticket I wanted to fight. I had never worked with Casey before and did not expect him to always be one step ahead - but he was...


I retained Mr. Raskob for a 75/55 speeding ticket. He was able to reduce it to a 0 point parking ticket. That was, by far, the best deal a traffic lawyer ever got for me!


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