I-87: The New York State Thruway

I-87, known as “The Mainline” by the State Police, is a separate precinct. New York State Police Troop T exclusively patrols I-87 from New York City all the way up to Albany. I-87 is a first class toll road with exits 15 miles apart. High operation speeds are the norm, as the road is probably the best maintained in the state. Most drivers have no idea that they will pass through seventeen different towns as they go from the Tappan Zee bridge to Kingston, New York. I’m in all of these Courts regularly, but not on the same day ! CB Channel 19 is actually useful on this road. Most Troopers will be in the U turns, with a laser at distance, but there are a few spots where a radar shot from behind can occur. Allow Speedlaw to handle your I-87 traffic ticket immediately.

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Marker A Bronx line
Ardsley Court
(very small area of road)
Cross Hudson River-Tappan Zee Bridge
Hillburn Justice Court
(a tiny town few even know exists, at the 90 degree turn by the New Jersey border)
Camera Tuxedo Justice Court
(known more for the aggressive enforcement at the town lines on Route 17, which is a small four lane road here, than the Thruway)
Camera Newburgh Justice Court
(this is the I 84 crossing. Newburgh Court is quite busy)
Bloomington Justice Court
(Court is ten miles from closest Thruway exits, and there is no sign on the Thruway)
Camera Esopus Justice Court
(another mystery town, not marked on Thruway...a new Courthouse...very busy)
Camera Kingston Justice Court
(A small town next to the City of Kingston)
City of Kingston City Court
(9w tickets, but not Thruway)
Camera Town of Ulster Justice Court
(Lake Katrine, gets a lot of tickets, most clients think they got it in "Kingston")
Catskill Town and Village Courts
(great old downtown)
Athens Justice Court
(another great old downtown, sadly empty since the concrete business ended)
Camera Coxsackie Justice Court
(pronounced co-sackie)
Marker B Camera City of Albany City Court
(across from the Capital but not part of it)


Yes, I’ve been in all of these as well, and can tell you what will happen to you in each one.

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