Route 17 from Harriman State Park to Roscoe, New York

Route 17 is an unusual road, halfway between the Taconic Parkway and I 87 in construction. It follows the hills of the Catskill area, often curving for mountains. It is patrolled by New York State Police Troop F quite aggressively. Route 17 is mostly interstate class with wide medians and good sight lines. Enforcement is usually laser from the center U turns, or radar from behind as they sit on the on-ramps. Due to the wide grass center, this is one of the few interstate class roads where the highway patrol can use moving mode radar from the oncoming lane and do a u turn, a tactic normally seen only on two lane roads. Route 17 is poorly maintained compared to I 87, I 84 or even the Taconic. Watch for Potholes along the sides of the lanes and whenever you see on or off ramps.

Harriman State Park attracts all kinds of car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Wednesdays, during the summer, there is a great car show at the lodge. Harriman State Park goes from vacant to packed during summer weekends, and the Park Police spend a lot of time enforcing speed and traffic laws, keeping the errant 18 wheelers off the Palisades Interstate Parkway, and chasing packs of motorcycles.

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Marker A Camera Town of Highland Falls Justice Court
(this is commonly known as West Point, but there is not Town by that name)
Camera Stony Point Justice Court
(the southern part of the Park)
Woodbury Justice Court
(by the malls-everyone knows the Outlet Center)
Blooming Grove Justice Court
(this one gets a lot of business from Rt. 17)
Camera Mamakating Justice Court
(this is the big set of curves as you cross over the Mountain range)
Camera Liberty Justice Court
(a great old town, with some interesting architecture)
Marker B Roscoe Justice Court
(home of the famed Roscoe Diner, it is located in the Town of Rockland, even though it is nowhere near Rockland County)


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